I am humbled by the overwhelmingly kind words I receive on a daily basis. Below are excerpts from emails I have received, with unsolicited compliments on my online video courses, my newsletter, or my site. If you are on the fence about any of my products or services, hopefully these "real world" testimonials will convince you that it will be well worth it.  

The purpose of this page is not to self-promote, but rather to encourage those who are considering taking my online event planning courses.  I truly want to help you succeed, and nothing thrills me more than hearing success stories.  Hopefully these testimonials will show you that your dream can come true, if only you invest in yourself and take the right steps.  

If you have a success story, comment about my products or services, or any other statement you'd like to post, please fill in the form below.  

Or, keep reading below for some wonderfully kind, supportive words of encouragement and appreciation from my incredible readers and students.  I truly appreciate you and want nothing but success for you!

Thank you and best of luck on your journey!

~Stacy Smith

Testimonials & Feedback

  • "I have to write and tell you that I listened to what you taught in your course, and IT WORKED!!! Thanks to you, I was able to secure a great volunteer position with a local non-profit in my town; and then last week they offered me a full-time, paid position! I literally can never thank you enough; you single-handedly helped me achieve my dream!" ~A.A.
  • "I am AMAZED at your website. I actually have been trying to find my passion for months now, and your information has confirmed it for me. You've got it all! A wonderful website, helpful courses, and coaching. I like your soft sell approach. I just wanted to let you know that your website has changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~ K.T.
  • "I just want to say that I read through the documents from my course daily.  I am so excited in my decision to become an Event Planner. I understand that it's not going to be an easy transition but I welcome the challenge.I know that you receive many emails but I just wanted to be one of the many to say THANK YOU for such an amazing website. I also want to say that I have taken your advice and have signed up to volunteer at local events. My first event is Sat. Dec 5th!! Thanks again!!" ~E.H.
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate your advice and real perspective on the event planning field. This is a career that I am hoping to get into in the future, so to gain insight on what it is really like, is extremely helpful! Please keep the information coming because there really isn't another website that speaks about the events field as bluntly as yours does!" ~I.E.
  • "I know you are a very busy person and yet you always have time to reply to my emails.  I read a lot of info on the internet, but I have never come across articles that put a smile on my face like yours do. Your information gives me lots of hope. Frankly speaking, there came a time I almost gave up; until I came across your website. You are a Godsend; please keep the great information coming! I am forever your appreciative student." S.T.
  • "By the way, I ordered your Planning Events Course - I love it! Actually, I have not been so happy with my career over the past few years and have always wanted to step into something more suited for me and this seems like just the answer. I appreciate your candidness and honesty in the course. It's not a bunch of 'smoke and mirrors' and truly seems plausible and realistic. So again thank you for everything you do!" ~A.S."
  • "I just wanted to say I read all the information you send out and I love it all! You are full of useful info and also lift my spirits as well with good advice and experiences I can relate to! Thank you!" ~R.F.
  • "I want to thank you for everything that you do. I'm happy that I have people like you who inspire others to move forward & do something extra ordinary. God bless you and thank you!" ~R.S.

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