Do You Dream of
Starting an event planning business?

Learn How with The "Be Your Own Boss" Video Course!

Fact: 70% of Small businesses fail
within 18 months of opening

Because they didn't treat their "dream" like a business.  
and if it's not a business, then it's just a hobby.

We all dream of it. Working for ourselves. Owning our own business. Having complete ownership of our lives and career. And doing what we truly love, every single day.

And now that you've considered starting an event planning business, it's exciting and terrifying and intimidating, all at the same time.

Regardless of whether you want to plan weddings, parties, fundraising events, special events, or corporate meetings, the process of starting your business is the same.  

  • What does it take to open a business?
  • What are the first steps?
  • How do you become an "official" business?
  • How much money does it take?
  • And most importantly, how do you get clients to ensure that you succeed?

The good news is, it really isn't that difficult to open a small business!  There are just a few specific steps you must take to make sure you're legally set up.  

Then, it's just a matter of managing your business and getting clients!  

Starting an event planning business is not difficult; but it is important that you lay down the foundation for success from the beginning.  And then you can enjoy a lifelong career, doing what you love while enjoying total and complete....

"but i love planning events!  isn't that enough?"

Unfortunately, no.  Passion will get you far, but contrary to the "follow your bliss" mentality, the reality is that in the world of business, it's just not enough.

The majority of small business owners, just like you, set out with good intentions; but end up failing before they even have a chance to succeed.  Why?  

...because they took an idea and ran with it; without laying down the foundation of their business.  

...because they found the "business" side of business to be boring, tedious, or simply didn't understand it.  

...because they didn't treat their business like a business, and it ended up costing them everything.

And unfortunately, we "creative" types resist the "technical" side of anything; we yawn over conversations having to do with legal entities and financial statements, and our minds shut down and our eyes glaze over when people talk about insurance, taxes, and other "boring" business-talk.  

But if you are interested in starting an event planning business, it's a simple fact; you simply must learn what it takes to lay down the foundation of your business, or you'll be joining the 70% of failed businesses in no time at all.  

The Be Your Own Boss course will break it down for you, in easy steps that even us "right-brained" people can understand.  Because it was designed by an event planner, for event planners.  

If you've ever dreamt of starting an event planning business but just didn't know where to start, then Be Your Own Boss is the course for you!  

By the end of the Be Your Own Boss course you will:** 

  • Complete the ten steps required to legally set up your business
  • Download the three most important financial documents to run your business 
  • Name your business
  • Identify your brand 
  • Identify your target market
  • Learn how to create a portfolio, even if you don't have any photos
  • Determine how to reach your potential clients 
  • Understand what your ideal client really wants
  • Understand the process of RFPs, pitches, and proposals
  • Learn how to write the perfect proposal that wins clients every time
  • Learn various "insider's tips" on marketing your business, both online and off
  • Learn how to price your services competitively for your niche and area
  • Learn how to design a website that will bring clients to you

     **Please note that this is NOT a course on how to plan events.  This course only teaches how to open an event planning business.  
For suggested training on planning events, please click here.

Be Your Own Boss will help you start your own business

Quickly and efficiently; 

You Could be Up and running in a matter of weeks! 

Who's It For?

The process of starting an event planning business is the same regardless of what types of events you want to plan; so the course if perfect for:

~ wedding planners
~ party or social event planners
~ fundraising planners
~ special event planners
~ corporate planners

What's Included?

 The Be Your Own Boss video course consists of:

 * Four video training modules (totaling three hours of video time) which you complete at your own pace, on your own time, as your schedule allows.  

 * The course is hosted online, so there is no waiting for materials to arrive in the mail; you can begin immediately and sign in whenever you have time.

 * Downloadable documents to help you run your business; including financial worksheets, sample RFPs, sample proposals, and a resource page

 Module 1: First Things First

  This module outlines the foundational steps prior to setting up your business.

  • Understand the difference between owning a business and working as an independent contractor 
  • Develop the right business owner mindset to start your own business
  • Perform a SWOT analysis to ensure you have a market
  • Learn how to conduct research in your area to determine your competition
  • Determine if you have a solid partner/vendor base
  • Figure out your start-up costs
  • Downloadable documents: Resource Page, Sample Start-Up Expense Worksheet

 Module 2: Ten Steps to Set Up Your Business 

  The second module walks you through, step by step, the process of setting up your business; including:

  • Choosing a business name and registering it legally
  • Choosing a business entity (incorporating, LLC, etc)
  • Obtaining Federal and State Tax IDs / EINs
  • Which Insurance You Need for Your Business
  • Branding, Logos, and Design
  • Setting Up Your Office
  • Creating a website that brings clients to you


 Module 3: The Business Side of Business 

  Admittedly, owning a business is not all fun & games.  Everything has a price; and the price of owning a small business is staying on top of your finances! So in this module, we discuss the "not so fun" but necessary topics of accounting, managing money, and the basics of taxes (I keep to the basics so it's not too painful, I promise!)

  • Accounting basics
  • Deposits, "floating" money, and managing cash flow
  • Tax basics and the importance of write-offs
  • Downloadable documents include sample cash flow statement, sample financial spreadsheet, and sample balance sheet.


 Module 4: Capturing Clients: Marketing for Success 

  And finally, we attack the biggest question of all...."how do I get clients?"

  • Identifying and understanding your ideal client
  • Sell the solution, not the product
  • How to get your company in front of your potential clients
  • How to create a portfolio, even if you don't have any photos or experience
  • Specific suggestions, tips, and steps for online marketing
  • Specific suggestions, tips, and steps for offline marketing
  • Winning business through RFPs, pitches, and proposals
  • How to write a proposal that wins the client and the project every time
  • Downloadable documents include a sample RFP for planners and two sample proposals.  


Bonus #1: Pricing Your Services Video Course

This video course addresses one of the most important concerns any event planner has; how to charge for your services at a rate that is fair, profitable, and yet won't cost you the project or the client.

This 45-minute course covers:

  • The six main ways event planners charge for their time
  • The "pros and cons" of each method of charging
  • The factors that determine your rate
  • The elements you must include in your client contract
  • Considerations to help manage your cash flow

Bonus #2: Build Your Own Website Video Course

Your website can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you possess. If done correctly, your website can actually bring your clients to you; which means you can spend less time finding clients and more time planning events.  

This one-hour video course covers:

  • A basic overview of website terminology (SEO, hosting, etc)
  • The truth about site builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace
  • What Google looks for in ranking websites
  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up a basic site

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I look forward to guiding you on your journey toward starting an event planning business...and remember, never stop pursuing your passion for an eventful life!

Stacy Smith
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