Sample Event Planning Resume

    If you're looking for a sample event planning resume, then there are a few things you need to know before you go any further.
    First and foremost, you are most likely never going to get any event planning jobs with a resume alone.
    That's right. Which means no matter how great your event planning resume or your event planner cover letter is, if you are hoping to break into the event planning industry, your resume alone will never get you a job!
    Why not? Well, mainly, it's a very competitive industry. You really have to not only have a well-written event planning resume that shows you understand the industry, but also know how to get it noticed and stand out from the rest.
    It doesn't matter how many event planning resumes you send out, by just sending out a bunch of resumes you most likely will never get a call.
    Secondly, you need to understand the single most important reason that you'll never get a call back, and what exactly you're doing wrong.  

"What am I doing wrong?"

Perhaps one of the questions I receive almost daily is, "I have sent out a hundred resumes but haven't received one call or email. What am I doing wrong?"

~  ~  ~

The single most important thing you are most likely doing wrong is this:

***Assuming that an employer wants to teach you

how to become an event planner.***  

This is a HUGE mistake that most beginners make; you forget that you need to be the type of person an employer wants to hire, not someone they need to train.

~  ~  ~

You see, no employer has the time or the resources to take on a new employee and train them to do the job that they are being hired to do.  Sure, that might have worked about thirty years ago, when the economy was booming and employers were begging for people to work for them.  

But times are different.  There are a lot of people vying for few positions.  Your employer doesn't care how much you want to become an event planner, he or she just wants to know what you can do for them.  

And so you must take it upon yourself to learn everything you can about event planning, how the industry works, and how to plan events.  You need to be the kind of person that brings something to the table, and can hit the ground running.

If you don't take it upon yourself to learn how to plan events, then you will never, ever get hired.  

So how do you do this?

    "What ELSE am I doing wrong?"

    A few other things that you might be "doing wrong" with your event planning resume:

    * Not getting your resume in the hands of the right people, and not making a good first impression. You need to go the extra mile to get your resume not only in the door but to get it to stand out from the rest.

    * Typos or grammatical errors. If your event planner cover letter and resume have either of these, it will get thrown out immediately. No questions asked. In the book, I discuss why and how to ensure you aren't making these mistakes.

    * Not writing a "strong" enough resume. For example, can you see the difference between these two statements?

  1. "I helped with my best friend's wedding and I loved it."
  2. "I assisted with the on-site management of a wedding for 400 people; supervising the entertainment, food & beverage, and strike."

    Do you see the difference? I talk more about this in the sample Event Planning Resumes eBook. I also include three sample event planning resumes that utilize strong, active language and outline various formats.

    ~  ~  ~

    Let's face it; if you are a beginner, then you can't rely on a resume alone to stand out from the crowd. And I will teach you why, and how, to accomplish this. For a small investment, you can take the extra step necessary to begin your career in event planning! 

    That's why merely showing you a sample event planning resume is not enough. I have created a 30-page eBook that shows you:
    * Why writing a great resume is not enough (although it's still important!)
    * What you simply must do to get in the door and stand out from the crowd
    * How to write event planner cover letters that will prevent your resume from getting thrown in the "trash" pile
    * And, of course, I show you how to turn your limited experience into great resume material
    Trust me, if you are just sending out event planning resumes and wondering why you never hear back, this eBook is for you!
    (Please note that this is not a "how to write a resume" book. There are thousands of those already out there; this eBook is to help you turn your existing resume into one that applies to event planning).