OnlineCourse+Newletters+eBooks= everything you need to get started!!

by Sarah
(Nashville, TN)

I've been following EV's emails for about 2 years now and started to seriously consider jumping into the Event and Meeting Planning industry. I loved reading all of her great information in the weekly newsletters and felt it was time to take her online course. I am so glad I did! It surpassed my expectations and taught me so much. After taking the course I can see how the E&M planning industry truly is a niche market where someone needs to know the lingo, how to create a budget, coordinate various vendors all the while remaining organized and professional. This courses covers everything, and her personal anecdotes add a great touch to bring everything she teaches into perspective. If anyone is even considering E&M planning as a new career path I would highly recommend this course. I feel it was worth the time and money you'll be investing in Stacy's knowledge and in your future!

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