How to Plan Events

If you want to become an event planner, you must learn how to plan events!  It seems basic, but this is a step that is so often overlooked by event planner hopefuls.  

A lot of people, once they decide to become an event planner, just start sending out resumes and cover letters, hoping that they'll land a job.  They think that if they can just find a way in to an entry level position, then their new employer will teach them how to plan events.  The problem is, this can't be any further from the truth!  Especially in these competitive times, employers aren't going to take the time and resources to train you to do the job they are hiring you to do.

This means that you must first take it upon yourself to learn everything you can about planning events, even before you start looking for entry level positions.

So at this point, a lot of people get frustrated and so they decide they'll go out and start their own event planning company…..even if they've never planned an event before.  They think that there's not much more to event planning than picking out menus, selecting pretty decor, and finding fun entertainment.  If you want to plan kids' birthday parties, then this might be enough.  But if you hope to plan any kind of special event (even small events), there is so much more that you need to learn.  

In the world of "true" event planning, there is a process to planning events.  There are contracts, and RFPs, and budget grids, and BEOs, and riders, and site selections, and insurance for your event, and permits and permissions, and so much more.  If you mess anything up,you stand to lose your client and possibly get sued.  Although event planning is a fantastically fun career path, it's still a business; and needs to be treated seriously with professionalism and expertise.  

And if you found this page, it probably means you are on the right track. You are doing your research and starting from Square One; so pat yourself on the back for having the right mentality before you start your job search.  

What's the Best Way to Learn How to Plan Events?

So once you acknowledge that you need to learn how to plan events before you land a job planning events, the next natural step is to wonder…  What's the best way to learn event planning?

You've probably discovered that there are dozens of companies online offering their own versions of "event planning certification."  It can be overwhelming to decipher which ones are legitimate, and which one is for you.

When it comes to choosing an online event planning program, I have two important pieces of advice:

  • Do not fall for the lie of "certification," and….
  • Choose a course that teaches you what you want to learn; how to plan events!

I talk much more about this throughout my site and in my free four part video series, Three Steps to Become an Event Planner.  But, here's the short version:

  • The lie of certification:  In the event planning industry, there is no such thing as a legitimate "certification" for beginners.  True certification is reserved for those with years of experience and expertise in an industry; you can't become "certified" just from taking an online course and never having planned an event before.  Any course telling you that you can "become a certified event planner" through their program is just trying to make a sale.
  • Choose the right course for you:  There are many online event courses out there, and even if they offer a "certification" it doesn't mean you can't learn something from them.  However, pay close attention to what the course offers.  The point is to learn how to plan events from the course, not just have something to put on your resume.  If you want to go into fundraising or special events, then a course that teaches you wedding planning or party planning is  waste of your time and money.  Don't fall for "filler material;" such as courses that teach you how to fill out invitations or how to shake hands (true examples).  Make sure that the course offers information that will really help your career, not just sell you a dream.  

If you want to succeed as an event planner, you must learn the true steps it takes to plan an event, from start to finish.

Event Planning Courses

I have taken my twenty years of experience in the event planning industry and have created a series of courses designed for people like you; people who want to learn what it takes to plan events, not weddings or birthday parties…..and are ready to start their career.  My main course, the Planning Events course, teaches you step-by-step how to plan events.  This is what I consider to be the foundational, essential course.  Then, I offer a variety of short-topic videos to customize your learning experience; such as Fundraising & Sponsorship, Pricing Your Services, and Event Planning Resumes.  

If you're ready to learn more about how I can help you begin your event planning career today, please click here or click on the graphic below to start learning how to plan events  

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