Honesty, Information and Real Support - this is the Eventful Ventures video series!

by Brendalee B.
(Asbury Park, NJ)

Dear Stacy,

I spent about two weeks (2-3 hours every single day) researching how to become an event planner. It was incredibly confusing, and those "certificates" that schools and programs offered just didn't seem "right" to me. I couldn't put my finger on it. Every single course, description, length of time,and dollar amount was SO different from the next one, I was suspicious right from the beginning. And yet, I couldn't seem to find any honest answers or information. I had finally narrowed it down to two different programs, (both of which I still had doubts about) when I stumbled upon your website. Your explanations and information were so honest and direct, and matched exactly how I had been feeling, and what I had been suspecting/thinking all along, that I took the plunge and bought ALL of the videos. (I felt that the $ back guarantee within reason was honest and fair).

I just finished your program and I did it in two weeks. I watched every day and took weekends off.(AND I did it while working a full and part time job). I found it informative, realistic and honest, and very thorough. Everything you taught and explained made SENSE. The very manner in which you spoke really came across as genuinely supportive and invested in our futures. I learned a lot that I didn't know, and got validation for things that I thought I knew but wasn't 100% sure about. Any questions that I had throughout the course were answered, even if it was a few modules later. It also helped to know that I can reach out to you at any time if I have an additional question. I can truthfully say that you really did deliver on everything that you promised. I've already been volunteering and planning events & parties,and I'm incorporating, modifying and using your different ideas, vocabulary, and PDF's, and because of this I'm outdoing myself each and every time, thanks to you and your wonderful program! I'm gaining confidence in my abilities, and already have 3 parties lined up for this summer.

Stacy, THANK YOU for what you do and who you are. THANK YOU for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us in a very easy to understand format, with additional examples and forms that are ready to use. THANK YOU for all of your support and dedication to those of us that follow in your footsteps. I hope we can all be as generous and successful as you clearly are.

With Gratitude,

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