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Fundraising & Sponsorship 
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(please note that a recommended prerequisite is the Planning Events Course; this Fundraising course is meant to supplement the Planning Events Course.  
Also, both courses are INCLUDED in the Complete Event Planner Course at a discounted rate)

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looking for fundraising event ideas?  
then you need to know how to plan a fundraising event!  

Before you go any further, it's imperative that you make sure that you understand the foundational elements of what it takes to plan a fundraising event.  The organization that is relying on you to plan their fundraising charity event is putting a lot of faith in you; do you want to risk doing it wrong?

If you have a passion for planning events but also want to make a difference in the world, then event fundraising and sponsorship is for you.  However, there's more to it than you might think.  The job of anyone planning charity fundraising events is more complex than other types of event planning.  Not only do you need to plan and execute a flawless event, but you also need to educate and create awareness of the organization, recruit and accommodate sponsors, and, of course, raise money while spending as little as possible!  

As a planner who specializes in fundraising and special events, you have the opportunity to utilize your love of planning for a greater good; helping non-profits or other organizations raise money or awareness for their cause.  

Most organizations can't exist without the money they raise at these events, and so as a fundraising special event planner you can play an integral role in the survival and success of some incredible organizations; thereby making a difference by using your talents in a very special and rewarding way.

What Makes Planning Fundraising Charity Events Different?

However, there are a few special quirks to working as a planner for fundraising events.  Here are just a few things that are imperative to know before thinking of fun fundraising event ideas:

  • Understand the importance of (and reason for) working with committees
  • Special budget considerations when planning fundraising events
  • Understand the huge importance of sponsorships in planning your event
  • How to recruit, manage, and work with sponsors, and how to ensure that they stay happy so that the event is a success
  • How to plan your event for the least amount of money
  • Various methods for raising money at your event

This information is imperative for you to know before you start looking for fundraising event ideas; if you don't know the basics, then it doesn't matter how creative you get.  And, just as importantly, if you don't know how to properly find, recruit, and take care of your sponsors, then your event is in danger of failing.  

If you have an interest in event fund raising and special events, this course is for you!

**Please note that this course is NOT a "how to plan events" course; it is designed to supplement your education to allow you to specialize in fundraising events.  If you are new to event planning, then I suggest that you start with the Planning Events Course; which will teach you the foundational elements of event planning that apply to nearly every type of event.

OR.....if you're ready to do what it takes to become an event planner, the Complete Event Planner Course will give you all the tools you need to begin  your career as an event planner; plus it INCLUDES this Fundraising & Sponsorship video!  

What Does the Course Cover?

First of all, the video is hosted online; so you can access it when you want, on your schedule, and at your own pace.  Once you sign up, you will enter an exclusive "Member's Area" where you can watch the video and download the included sample documents.  

The video is broken into four sections, which total 1.5 hours of video time:

  • Module 1: Overview of Fundraising Events: What is a fundraising event; examples of fundraising events and fundraising event ideas; why are fundraising events different from other events; the two main goals for any fundraising event planner (Length: 7:21)
  • Module 2: Sponsors & Sponsorship: Why you MUST understand the concept of sponsorship if you're going to plan a fundraising event; how sponsors play an important role at your event; how to find and recruit sponsors; sponsorship proposals (including a sample proposal); creating sponsorship levels: how to make sure that your sponsors stay happy and why that is so important (Length: 38:02)
  • Module 3: Raising Money: The two ways to look at money as a fundraising event planner; ways in which you can raise money at your event; fundraising event ideas; explanation of silent auctions;  (Length: 12:54)
  • Module 4: Planning a Fundraising Event: How to plan a fundraising event.  PLEASE note this is not a step-by-step guide to planning an event; that is a complex topic that is covered in detail in my Planning Events Course.  This Fundraising & Sponsorship video covers how a fundraising event is different than any other event, and covers the extra steps you must take or elements you must know from any other event.  If you do not know how to plan events, I strongly urge you to consider my Planning Events Course and then supplement that with this Fundraising & Sponsorship course. (Length: 28:14)

Along with the video, you get three downloadable documents to supplement your learning and to use  when you plan your event.  Included with the video are:

  • Sample Event Sponsorship Agreement
  • Sample Budget Grid
  • Sample Sponsorship Proposal

Additionally, I include a downloadable PDF document of the slides used in the video.  I suggest you print these out and take notes right on the slides; that way you can keep them to use in the future if you need to refresh your memory.  However, you do have lifetime access to the video, and you can watch the modules as many times as you like.  

If you're ready, then sign up below to learn everything you need to know to plan your fundraising event like a pro!

Fundraising & Sponsorship 
Video Course - $47

(please note that a recommended prerequisite is the Planning Events Course; this Fundraising course is meant to supplement the Planning Events Course.  
Also, both courses are INCLUDED in the Complete Event Planner Course at a discounted rate)

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