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It doesn't matter if it's your first event or your five hundredth; planning an event can be overwhelming.  There are so many things to do, and so many things to remember.  And the hardest part is, many of your "To Do" items can't be done until something else is completed first; but that other "To Do" item might be dependent on something else.  It's easy to feel as if you're losing control of your event before it even starts.  

That's where a good, solid event planning checklist can come in handy.  Although each and every event is different, with a different set of tasks to be completed, having a checklist can help keep you on track and give you peace of mind that you aren't overlooking anything.  

However, if you are relatively new to the industry or perhaps just starting out, then chances are you need more than just an event planning checklist to help guide your way.  You need more than just a set of "To Do's;" you need a complete understanding of how events work, how they are put together, and what elements are required (and in what order they need to be completed).  

Once you understand the foundation of planning special events inside and out, then you will be able to complete your own event planning checklist as you go, instead of relying on someone else's idea of what your event might need.  After all, each and every event is its own living, breathing entity; and there is no checklist that will ever be complete enough for you to rely on as your event planning guidelines.  

I offer an Event Planning Checklist as a bonus to my online video course.  I only offer it as an included bonus to the video course, because I truly believe in the importance of understanding exactly how to plan events and not just following someone else's suggestions.  

Here is a sample page from the Checklist, so you can see what it has to offer:

The Checklist is my own personal event planning checklist that I use as a skeleton for every event.  Of course, no checklist can be complete for your particular event, since each and every event is different.  However, this is a great outline that offers plenty of suggestions and reminders of what you might be forgetting, with customizable pages for you to add in your own "To Do" items in chronological order. 

The Planning Events Course

As I mentioned, I offer an online instructional video course that includes over ten hours of video; plus dozens of downloadable documents, including sample contracts, RFPs, and budget grids.  

PLUS the Planning Events Course includes numerous additional bonuses, including my own Event Planning Checklist that I use for my own events! 

The course walks you through, step-by-step, how to plan any major special event; from the initial concept through to the final billing.  I cover topics such as venue selection and site inspections, setting up a budget (including working budget grids that you can use on your own events), what should be included in your contracts, what types of insurance you might need, registration for your event, how to set up your meeting space, how to find, select, and work with vendors and entertainment, the basics of decor, a complete understanding of food & beverage, and how to manage your event on-site.  

Unlike the other courses out there, I go beyond conceptual topics and filler material about birthday parties for children, and teach you what you truly need to know in order to build a career as an event planner.  

As I always say, if you want to become an event planner, you need to know how to plan events!  And it's so much more than just picking out decor and entertainment.  This course will catapult you into your dream career more quickly than you ever thought possible; but only if you take the first step and sign up today.  

The Planning Events Course includes:

Planning Events Course (click here to read a complete outline)

Event Planning Checklist 


Certificate of Completion:  As I discuss in the free Into to Event Planning video course, the whole concept of becoming a "certified event planner" is a lie.  However, I discovered my students still wanted some reward and proof that they went through my online video course, and so I now offer a Certificate of Completion with the Planning Events Course.  

This certificate certifies that you indeed completed the videos and passed the online test (which is offered at the end of the last video).  Upon your successful passing of the test, I will mail you a Certificate of Completion (or email it if you live outside the U.S. or Canada) for your files.  This also authorizes you to have any potential future employers contact me to ensure that you did, indeed, pass the test.

Please realize that I can not personally vouch for you or act as a reference, as I do not know you in person or know how much you really absorbed from the course.  However, this will act as a useful tool to show future employers that you took the time to learn the basics of the event planning industry.  Not to mention, the content that you actually learn will open doors and pave the path toward your success!

Everything You Need to Know…. 

If you're just getting started, you need so much more than just an event planning checklist to help you with your first events.  Even if you've planned a few events, you might not know everything that you're missing out on.

Most other books, eBooks, and online courses teach you the wrong things; or at the very least only teach you part of what you need to know.  I include it all; an overview of the event planning industry, why you need to pick a niche, why you shouldn't try to make a living as a party planner or wedding planner, what types of events you should focus on, and the basics of planning nearly any special event or corporate meeting.

If you're serious about starting a career in event planning, you owe it to yourself to invest in your future.  Click here to read more about the Planning Events Course and get started on your dream career today!  

Click here to read more about the Planning Events Course and how to start your career!  

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