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Event planner courses

When you first decide to become an event planner, it's natural to wonder what event planner courses you need to take.  After all, it only makes sense that in order to begin your career as an event planner, you need to learn how to plan successful events.  

It's important to realize that the foundational elements of all events are the same; but then each niche has its own language and its own process.  

The Complete Event Planner Course ~ $497

This is the most comprehensive course that Eventful Ventures offers; and it contains absolutely everything that I truly believe you need in order to begin your career as a legitimate event planner. This course includes the Planning Events Course plus all of my specialty courses, including: Fundraising & SponsorshipCorporate Event PlanningPricing Your Services, and more.  If you want to move beyond social events, weddings and parties and instead plan special events, fundraising events, and/or corporate events, then this class will get you there.  It's the only course on the market that teaches true, legitimate fundraising, sponsorship, and corporate planning.  Click here to read more about the Complete Event Planner Course.  

Specialty Courses

Be Your Own Boss: Starting an Event Planning Business ~ $97

(please note this course is INCLUDED in the Complete Event Planner Course)

Do you dream of working for yourself while doing what you love?  Do you envision a life of freedom and complete control over your career and your life?  Starting an event planning business is completely attainable; however you must take the right steps to ensure your success.  This course teaches you the ten steps necessary to start your own event planning business; as well as how to market your business and find clients. Click here to read more about Be Your Own Boss: Ten Steps to Freedom and Starting an Event Planning Business.