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Event Management Career
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions about
Planning Events, Event Jobs, & Eventful Ventures

Do you have a question about starting an event management career?  It can be a bit overwhelming when you're first starting out; but I try to cover the basics for you in the pages on this website and in my free introductory guide, How to Become an Event Planner, which answers the most common questions people have about event planning and how to get started.  

If, after reading the guide and after reading through all the pages on this website you still have a specific question, please feel free to email me using the "Contact" form on this page.  I do try to answer every email I receive; however please know that if you require specific one-on-one advice, I do offer phone or Skype consultations for $75 per hour.  

Below are some of the most commonly-asked questions I receive from my readers; please click on the question which links to a page that answers that question in greater detail.  

How do I become an event planner?  The question is simple, but the answer is more complex; and much too long to answer in a few paragraphs.  I encourage you to sign up for my free video training series, Three Steps to Become an Event Planner. This video series explains, in detail, how to get your career started and how to overcome the obstacles you are facing in starting your career.  

But basically, it comes down to this:  employers do not have the time or the resources to train you how to plan events.  If you are hoping to somehow magically land an entry-level job and then learn about event planning, you will never get hired.  You simply must take it upon yourself to learn about event planning before you even begin to apply for entry-level jobs.  And if you hope to start your own event planning business, then it's imperative that you learn how to plan events!  

Which event planning certification is best for me to begin my career?  The concept of event planning certification is one of the biggest misconceptions in the entire event planning industry.  The truth is, event planning certification for beginners is a scam.  There is no legitimate "certification" for beginners.  True certification is a statement of someone's expertise and experience in an industry; not proof that they took an online course.  You can take a certification course for what it has to offer you, but don't take t in hopes that it will single-handedly land you a job.  Most "certification" programs out there focus on wedding planning and party planning (kids birthday parties).  If you want to start a career in special event planning, then these are not the courses for you.  

What schooling or certifications do I need to become an event planner?This is the single most popular question I am asked by my readers, and perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry.   I teach you the basics of what you need to know.For much more, please click here to read about my online event planner courses. 

What college courses should I take? 
Whether you are just starting college, still in college, or considering going back, this page will guide you in the right direction. 

Can I ask you some questions over the phone? 
Yes, I am available for one-on-one consultation, and would be happy to chat with you in person over the phone or Skype.  However, I have to charge for my time, just as anyone else in any other profession does.  For a fee of $75 per hour, I will answer any questions you have about the industry, and give you advice on your particular situation as it relates to event planning. For the same amount of money as a new pair of shoes or a new sweater, I can help plan your future and guide you in your career.

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