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The Corporate Event Planning Course ~ $47

(please note that a recommended prerequisite is the Planning Events Course; this course is meant to supplement the Planning Events Course.  Also, both courses are INCLUDED in the Complete Event Planner Course at a discounted rate)

Corporate Event Planning is one of the most lucrative and consistent niches in the world of of event planning.  If you have a business background or an interest in business, then this would be a fantastic career path for you to pursue.

I've worked in corporate event planning for over twenty years.  I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that it's "boring" and doesn't offer any room for creativity.  And I'm here to tell you, that's not true at all!

During my years in corporate events, I have been to thirty-five countries, I've worked with dozens of international celebrities, and have been a part of some really incredible events.  I've done a "Gone with the Wind" event on an actual plantation in Savannah, I've been a part of a "Sound of Music" event in Switzerland, I've seen rooftop parties in New York and beach parties in Mexico and events on aircraft carriers in San Diego.  With corporate incentives I've been on whale watching excursions in Hawaii, kayaking in the Caribbean, zip lining in Costa Rica, helicopter rides in the Grand Canyon, hiking on a glacier in British Columbia.....and so much more.

I'm not telling you this to brag, but to show you that corporate planning is not boring!  Sure, along with all of this there are plenty of boring meetings in boring ballrooms.  But the opportunities, in my opinion, are far greater than in just about any other niche within the industry.  

What is Corporate Event Planning?

Corporate events can range anywhere from a local half-day meeting for twenty people, to a week-long meeting held in another city with 3,000 people (or more)....and everything in-between.  

There are surprisingly few courses out there that focus on corporate planning.  There are a few that teach how to plan "corporate luncheons;" but if you want to become a corporate planner, that's not even scratching the surface of all that you need to learn.  

While the foundational elements of corporative event planning are the same as any other large special event, there are many elements that are specific to corporate planning.  As a corporate planner, you will also be in charge of:

  • hiring motivational speakers
  • working with production companies on the staging and presentations
  • managing VIPs
  • arranging for the basics of audio-visual 
  • setting up the meeting rooms
  • understanding the difference between general session and breakout sessions
  • managing the transportation of the attendees from the airport to the hotel or other venues 
  • managing the guest room blocks at hotels for the attendees
  • designing and planning the evening dinner events, either on-site at the hotel or off-site venues
  • team building events
  • etc!  

Are you on this page because you're new to planning, and aren't quite sure where to begin?  Or perhaps you work for a company as an admin or in the marketing department, and someone has just plopped this huge assignment into your lap; to plan an upcoming event for your company.  You might not have any corporate planning experience, and are a bit overwhelmed at all there is to do.

If you fall into either category, then I have created an online course that will teach you every single thing you need to know in order to start your career in corporate planning.  

*** But First, READ THIS *** a VERY Important Note

The Corporate Event Planning Course is designed to supplement what you learn in the Planning Events Course.  The Corporate Planning Course is not a "how to plan events" course; it takes what you learn first in the Planning Events Course and then teaches what you need to know that is specific to corporate planning.  Therefore, unless you have several years of experience planning events, a suggested (but not required) prerequisite for this course is to take the Planning Events Course first.

If you're serious about starting your career as an event planner, the Complete Event Planner Course takes all of my courses, including this Corporate Event Planning Course and the Planning Events Course, and bundles them all together at a discounted rate.  Please click here if you'd like to read more about the Complete Event Planner Course.  

What Does the Corporate Event Planning Course Cover?

First of all, the video is hosted online; so you can access it when you want, on your schedule, and at your own pace.  Once you sign up, you will enter an exclusive "Member's Area" where you can watch the video and download the included sample documents.  

The video is broken into five sections, which total just under three hours of video time:

  • Module 1 - Corporate Events (33 minutes): An overview of the corporate planning industry, types of corporate events on both a local and national (or international) scale, the difference between corporate events, meetings and incentives and specific examples of each.
  • Module 2 - Planning Corporate Events (30 minutes): A detailed look at what corporate meetings entail (with specific examples), the specifics of planning a corporate event that are different from other types of events, an overview of terminology specific to corporate planning.
  • Module 3 - Hotels (60 minutes): Working with hotels on corporate meetings both as a venue for your meeting space as well as housing for your attendees; the extensive terminology specific to working with hotels for the purpose of hosting a corporate meeting.  Managing room blocks, rooming lists, "drop-dead dates," concessions, and contracts.  
  • Module 4 - Transportation (30 minutes): While managing transportation, or "transpo," is by far not the most glamorous part of corporate planning, it is a fairly large element and very important to your job as a corporate planner.  This module discussed the different types of vehicles you'll use and when (and why), as well as managing lists along with the DMC or transportation company so that your attendees all arrive at the right time at the right place.  
  • Module 5 - Final Tips (18 minutes):  Hiring and managing staff for your corporate events, and finding work as a corporate planner.

The Corporate Event Planning Course ~ $47

The Corporate Event Planning Course ~ $47

(please note that a recommended prerequisite is the Planning Events Course; this course is meant to supplement the Planning Events Course.  Also, both courses are INCLUDED in the Complete Event Planner Course at a discounted rate)

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