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Honesty, Information and Real Support - this is the Eventful Ventures video series!

Dear Stacy, I spent about two weeks (2-3 hours every single day) researching how to become an event planner. It was incredibly confusing, and those certificates

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Just What I Needed

This course was perfect. I was able to go through it at my own pace and gain a true understanding of the material. Not only did it give me the necessary

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OnlineCourse+Newletters+eBooks= everything you need to get started!!

I've been following EV's emails for about 2 years now and started to seriously consider jumping into the Event and Meeting Planning industry. I loved

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What a great online course!

I simply wanted to thank you for putting together this absolutely marvelous, no non-sense, very detailed and straight-to-the-point online course in Event

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I stumbled on the Eventful Ventures website as I was looking for some information to help one of my friends start up a career in event planning. I was

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Fantastic and Enjoyable!

This course helped me out in so many ways! Not only have I gained further insight into the event planning industry but I now have the knowledge and confidence

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Because of you, I landed a job in event planning!

Thank you Stacy. You have been such a great help to me. I really want to pursue event planning as my career, and by the grace of God and your advice and

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