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One of the first steps necessary to becoming an event planner is to learn everything you can about events. I have three products to help you learn different aspects of the industry:

Learn about my online "Event Planner Course"
By high demand, I have created an online, step-by-step course on how to plan events. You can take this online course at your own pace; and it will show you the essential elements of planning special events and corporate meetings, incentives, and events.

Travel and Get Paid for It
In this eBook, learn how to travel the world while working great events!

Event Planning Checklist
My own personal Event Planning Checklist and Conference Planning Checklist in one; this eBook lists just about every general "to do" that you might need for your event. (Note: this is included as a free bonus with the Event Planner Course and my eBook, Travel and Get Paid for It.

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