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Careers in Event Planning

how to Pursue Your Passion
and Live an Eventful Life

You know, to the bottom of your heart, what you want to do.  You can even picture yourself, at one of your events, loving the fact that your guests are having the time of their life, all because of you.  

You have finally found a way to combine your unique sense of creativity, your love of decor and entertainment, with your "type A" tendencies and extreme organization; all while making a living at an exciting, dynamic career.

And have no idea where to begin.  

This can be one of the most frustrating feelings in the world; like being stuck in quicksand while your dream life is hanging right in front of you, just out of reach.  

And what's even more frustrating, you start researching your options about careers in event planning on the internet and get caught up in the confusing web of event planning certification, event planning schools, and online event planning courses.  You can't help but notice that everyone says something slightly different, and you can't help but feel as if you're being lied to.  

And pretty soon, you're more confused than ever, until you almost want to give up.  

But then you think of your life as an event planner, and you know that you can't give up....because this is your dream.  

How do i become an event planner?

My goal is to help people like you learn what it takes to begin your career in event planning.  During my twenty years in the event planning industry, I have seen "event planner hopefuls" with great intentions make the same mistakes over and over again; until they give up, disillusioned and heartbroken that they couldn't make their dream come true.  

So I decided to use my extensive knowledge of the industry and "give back" by helping people in the best way that I know how; by helping those who dream of an exciting career and want to work in the exciting world of events. 

Through this site, my newsletters, and my online training videos, I will help you discover:

I recommend that you begin by reading some of the articles listed below.  I also offer a free introductory video, called How to Become an Event Planner without Experience, a Degree, or Certification.  This series was written and designed to answer the majority of questions that people like you usually have about careers in event planning; so please click here to sign up to receive your free video.  

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