US Event Guide

I obtained an online certification from this program, however I do not feel qualified to start my own business. The quality of the material on the website is something you would be able to find in event planning books, and not much more.

I learned the most from the program in my own self study preparing and completing my lessons. The first of which was a local vendor list (very helpful to create), the second was creating my own corporate event paper, and the third was my choice. I did well on each, but I received no feedback in any area from my supposed mentor.
The final test was ridiculous, and open book. I never heard any feedback from my mentor throughout the whole process.

The only way you could receive real on-site experience was to plan a wedding, since wedding planning isn't what I signed up for, or studied, I have yet to do the real world training they offer.

I would almost be afraid to complete this training due to the lack of guidance throughout the whole course.

I do not recommend this program for anyone looking to move forward with event planning other than weddings and meetings.

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