do you dream of starting an event planning business?

Fact: 70% of businesses fail
within 18 months of opening

Because they didn't treat their "dream" like a business.  
and if it's not a business, then it's just a hobby.

We all dream of it. Working for ourselves. Owning our own business. And doing what we truly love, every single day.

But the majority of people who, just like you, set out with good intentions, end up failing before they even have a chance to succeed.  Why?  Because they took an idea and ran with it; without laying down the foundation of their business.  Because they found the "business" side of business to be boring, tedious, or simply didn't understand it.  Because they didn't take the business side of their business seriously enough, and it ended up costing them everything.  

If you've ever dreamt of starting an event planning business but just didn't know where to start, this course is for you; because you simply must learn how to start a business off on the right foot, and how to cover yourself legally.   

learn what you need to know
to start your own event planning business

If you're thinking of starting an event planning business, there are some things you need to know to prevent you from losing thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars...before you even begin. There are steps you simply MUST take when opening your own business, and I cover all of them!

It's not difficult.  Anyone can learn it.  But, you do need to take the first steps if you want your business to succeed.  


If you do not have any experience planning evens, then I strongly recommend 

that you check out the Complete Event Planner Course, which includes this course as part of the curriculum.  

"but i love planning events!  isn't that enough?"

Unfortunately, no.  And unfortunately, we "creative" types resist the "technical" side of anything; we yawn over conversations having to do with legal entities and financial statements, and our minds shut down and our eyes glaze over when people talk about insurance, trademarks, and other "boring" business-talk.  

But if you want to start your own event planning business, it's a simple fact; you simply must learn what it takes to lay down the foundation of your business, or you'll be joining the 70% of failed businesses in no time at all.  It's your choice; buckle down and learn the basic necessities, or lose your dream before you ever plan your first event.  

the "start your own event planning business" course outline

This online video course consist of several videos, which you can watch on your own time, at your own pace.  The course covers everything from how to choose a name, how to register it, what legal entities you might consider for your business structure, and the types of insurance, permits, and licenses you need not only for your event planning business but also for your various events.  

I talk about contracts, how to price yourself, and the basics of managing finances. I end the course with two modules on how to market your business so you can keep business coming in for years to come; including how to build a website that brings clients to you.   

Course Highlights

Here are just a few of the highlights of this video course:

  • The course is hosted completely online, so you can complete the videos on your own time, at your own pace.
  • Learn the top secrets to getting your website placed in the top results in Google, so that clients come to YOU!

Course Outline

The Start an Event Planning Business course is made up of the following videos:

Getting Started: Do You Have What it Takes?
Video Length: 1 hr, 3 minutes

  • Determine if you have the right mindset to not only start a career in event planning, but also to start your own business.
  • Determine your niche.
  • Learn how to do a "feasibility" study in your area to see if there's a market for your business
  • Learn the basics of developing a business plan (be aware that I just touch on this, as that deserves an entire different course; but I do give you plenty of resources to help you).
  • Figure out your financial plan (start-up costs and how you'll finance it).


Setting Up Your Business
* Video Length: 48 minutes

  • Choosing a business name and registering it legally
  • Choosing a business entity (incorporating, LLC, etc)
  • Obtaining Federal and State Tax IDs / EINs
  • Insurance
  • Event Licenses, Permits, & Permissions
  • Setting Up Your Office


The Business Side of Business
* Video Length: 26 minutes

  • Accounting Basics
  • Deposits, "floating" money, and getting paid
  • Tax Basics


How to Charge for your Services
* Video Length: 40 minutes

  • The six most common methods of charging for your services as an event planner
  • The industry standards and what factors affect your rate

Marketing: Gaining and Maintaining Clients
* Video Length: 39 minutes

  • Logo/Branding
  • Suggested methods of "offline" marketing


Creating Websites: Your Key Marketing Tool that Brings Clients to YOU
* Video Length: 47 minutes

  • Why you simply MUST have a website
  • Why some websites succeed and others fail
  • Tips for how to get your site to land in the top ten search results in Google
  • Suggested resources for building your site (and what resources NOT to use)

are you ready?

Are you ready to start your dream of starting your own event planning business? Are you ready to take the reigns and control your own destiny? Are you ready to discover the freedom and boundless joy of answering to no one but you?

Then start your future off right; by guaranteeing you learn how to start your own business the RIGHT way!