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Do You Want to Travel the World
Working Great Events
and Get Paid for It?

Learn how I have made a living seeing the world
while working for meeting and event planners ...
and how you can too!
(while only working part-time)

...and if you don't want to travel
but would love to work local events,
I'll show you that as well.

Do you want to live a life of excitement and travel, every single day, instead of waiting for retirement to live your life?

OR, if you don't want to (or can't) find jobs in travel, but you want to know how you can make a living working local events?

Do you want to see the world, but know that you can't do it by waiting for one week of vacation every year?

Do you know, in your heart, that you are not meant to struggle through an unfulfilling job, living for the weekends to be "free"?

You don't have to settle
for anything less than your dream!

Are you ready to make your dream career
a reality?

I was once where you are. I was trapped in a cubicle, playing 200 games of Solitaire while pretending to care about my job. I would plaster my walls with calendars, pictures and postcards of exotic destinations, exciting cities, and white-sand beaches being kissed by the turquoise Caribbean sea. And, I would daydream of a better life and finding one of the many jobs in travel.

That was fifteen years, twenty countries, forty-eight States, and a lifetime's worth of incredible, exhilarating memories ago. I have seen more places and done more things than most people will ever see or do in their entire lifetime; and I am only forty years old with a lot of years still left.

All while getting paid AND
only working an average of two weeks per month

...and you can too!

(If you're ready now to find one of the best jobs in travel and don't need any further convincing, go ahead and click the buttons below to get your eBook...otherwise, keep reading!)

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How did I do it? How did I see the world while making a decent living and only working part time?

By becoming a freelance on-site coordinator
for events, meetings, and incentives!

.....what exactly does this mean?

You see, at any given moment, there are literally thousands of special events and corporate meetings going on, across the globe.

And each and every one of them needs on-site freelance staff to work them.

So, as a freelance on-site coordinator (also called a "travel director"), you get to:

  • Work for yourself
  • Travel as much as you want
  • And be a part of incredible events and meetings around the globe!

Unfortunately, unless you are independently wealthy, we all have to work; but why not spend your life working in a crazy, fun, exhilarating career that allows you to see the world, meet incredible people, all while only working part time? This is one of the best jobs in travel that exists, and truly lets you see the world.

Is this a scam?

No, this is not a scam. I am not going to sell you a magic pill that will somehow transform you into a millionaire. But what I *WILL* do is show you how to start an exciting, dynamic career that will allow you to start one of the many jobs in travel and see the world!

And yes, this career DOES exist. Yes, almost anyone can do it, once you learn a few things.

I know, because I've worked full-time as a freelance on-site coordinator/travel director for over ten years.

BUT....there are things you need to know!

A lot of people think that there's not much to event planning, other than decor, food, and entertainment. But there is a lot to learn, from the lingo to logistics.

What if you landed your job helping out at an event or meeting, and your client asked you this:

"Please get the A&D from the DMC and cross-check with my manifest. Then ask the CSM for the updated BEOs from the pre-con. We're changing the GS set-up to chevron, and adding some high-boys to the reception. Also, please reinstate the no-shows from last night, since we're still under our attrition."



And beyond just learning the language, you need to learn and understand set-ups, flow, basic audio-visual, transportation, and how to handle VIPs.

It's not rocket science. Anyone can learn it. But, in order to begin your career, you must learn the basics first.

And understanding the job is only half the battle!

In order to succeed, you also need to know:

  • How to do the job
  • How to find work
  • How to work as an independent contractor
  • How to manage taxes as an independent contractor
  • How to manage the clients while on-site
  • The rules and etiquette of working as an on-site coordinator/travel director
  • The logistics of traveling for a living

Don't want to travel? No problem!
You can still work as an on-site coordinator
for local meetings and events!

Some people want to be a part of the exciting world of meeting and event planning; but aren't able or don't have the desire to travel.

That's ok!

There are always countless meetings and events happening locally that still need on-site coordinators!

And, if you are already a meeting or event planner but are not familiar with the concept of using on-site staff, or you haven't yet worked your first event on-site, this book will help you too.

This is the only eBook you'll need to learn everything you need to know
(and it's the only one of its kind!)!

There are plenty of books and eBooks out there to teach you how to plan an event or meeting. But, they all end at the most important, pivotal point; where it's time to go on-site.

The on-site portion of any meeting or event is, in essence, the only part that matters. It doesn't matter how well a planner plans any event. If it all falls apart when it's time to "go live," then that's all the attendees or guests see; and it will be perceived as a failure. If it wasn't planned well but the on-site staff pull it off, then it's still a success!

"Travel and Get Paid for It!" is the ONLY eBook (trust me, I've looked) that explains, step-by-step, how manage events and meetings on-site.

"In 'Travel and Get Paid for It!', Sirena not only gives an in-depth look of the exciting lifestyle of a Travel Director but supplies her readers with tips, tools and resources to make this dream career a reality!

After learning important industry lingo and understanding the basics of directing any meeting, program or special event, each reader will find him/herself prepared to launch their career as a travel director immediately upon completion of the book."
~ Julie S.

"Travel and Get Paid for It!" will save you years of learning, to help you succeed quickly

I fell into the job by accident. I had never heard of "travel directors" before. It took me nearly five years to really, truly understand every aspect of on-site coordination. Since there wasn't a guide to help me, I just had to learn about each aspect of the on-site logistics; one area at a time, one event at a time.

With this eBook, however, I lay out the basics and walk you through the entire process;

  • from the foundation of why on-site coordinators are needed
  • to how they fit in to the world of meetings and events;
  • from how to find work (including basic resume and cover letter tips)
  • to how the different "areas" work together on-site;
  • from the legalities of working as an independent contractor
  • to how to manage taxes as a freelancer

This guide will save you the challenge of learning by trial and error. It will save you frustration and mistakes, and help you start out your career on the right foot so that you can catapult your career in the right direction.

And, times have changed. Now more people know about this incredible career opportunity, and everyone wants to do it! Therefore, it is nearly impossible to break into this industry without knowing the information I share in this eBook.

"This eBook is a good reader for someone considering a new career in Travel Directing. Whether you are at the beginner level, mid-career or an experienced director, the book offers some great insights, suggestions and standards of practices in this field.

For this ever-evolving field, there are not many standards, courses or information out there. This eBook can help save the monetary cost of scrambling around and years of trial and errors. It is a great beginner reference eBook as well as a refresher for supplemental purposes for mid-career professionals in the field of Travel Directing.”
~Gabryella C.

Here's what you will learn from this eBook:

The eBook contains information that is imperative to know if you want a career as an on-site coordinator/travel director.

  • Travel Directors and the World of Meetings, Incentives, and Events
  • An Overview of the Industry: definitions of "meetings, incentives, and events;" statistics of the industry
  • How Do Travel Directors Fit In?: the "jist of the job," the hierarchy of the industry and a deeper explanation of who travel directors work for
  • How the Job Gets Done: "Areas" of Responsibility
  • How a Program Works: understanding how to work with meeting and event planners
  • The Logistics of Working as a Travel Director: an overview of a program, the logistics of working as a Travel Director
  • The Logistics of Working as an Independent Contractor: the pros and cons, how much you can expect to make, how to price yourself, how to get paid, how to manage contracts and cancellation clauses, how to manage accounting
  • The "Travel" Side to Travel Directing: dealing with the airlines, expenses and expense reports, how to work international programs and programs on cruise ships
  • How Travel Directors are Hired, How to Get Work: the types of companies that hire Travel Directors, finding new clients
  • Resumes, Cover Letters, and Business Cards: how to use industry lingo to make your resume and cover letters stand out, how often to follow up with potential clients
  • The Personal Side to Travel Directing: how to manage personal time while on the road, etiquette of being a TD, extending after programs for personal travel


I am offering the eBook for $37 for a limited time only.

Pretty soon I will raise the price to more accurately reflect what the eBook is worth (possibly $60-95 or so); or I might take it off the market entirely. I am now realizing that the information I offer in this eBook is worth far more than what I am charging, and many courses charge $1200 for less relevant information.

So take advantage of this now, because it truly won't be around for much longer.

I am also offering a free bonus with your purchase:

  • “How to Land an EVENTful Career; Event Planning Resumés, Cover Letters, and Beyond”
    In this must-have book, I've taken the advice of professional resume writers and combined it with my own expertise from the field.

    As someone who has been in a position to hire event planner assistants and on-site coordinators (travel directors), I go beyond just telling you how to write a resume. I explain the most common mistakes that people make when trying to land a job in their new career; and explain exactly how to fix them. I show you how to use industry lingo to make you sound more experienced than you are; as well as how to get just enough experience to be considered.

    I also discuss how getting a job goes beyond writing a great resume; your cover letters, business cards, how you present yourself, and even your email address are all factors in getting hired. This bonus alone is well worth the price of the eBook; it can help anyone have a better chance at landing a job!

100% Guaranteed or your money back!

I am so positive that you will be excited at this new opportunity to change your life that I'm offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

If you decide this isn't for you, just let me know within 30 days, and I will refund your money; no questions asked!

Change Your Life for Only $37!

For the price of a new pair of shoes, a night on the town, or a week's worth of fancy coffee drinks, you can literally change the course of your life and find a career that you love.

What are your priorities?

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Purchase Your Copy Now,
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