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Video #1: How Do
I Get Started?

  • "Where do I begin?"

  • What is a "niche" and why do you need to choose one as soon as you decide to become a planner

  • Why all event planning is NOT the same; determine what event planning means to you

  • The truth about "party" planning and wedding planning, and why event planning is different

Video #2: Top Three Mistakes

  • The Top Three Mistakes 99% of beginners make that will kill your chances before you even begin

  • The simple and obvious reason you're not getting any return calls on your resume

  • The three steps you MUST take if you want to succeed in event planning

  • Traits and skill sets that will help you succeed as a planner

Video #3: Certification & Experience

  • The mind-blowing yet pervasive lie about "certification" and how to sift through the conflicting information about certification

  • Do you need to go back to school for an event planning degree? If you're still in school or just starting school, which degree or courses should you take?

  • How to get past that "catch-22" of needing experience before you can get experience

Video #4: How to Find Work

  • The six main ways in which planners are hired to plan events

  • Understanding why you don't always have to be "The Planner" to work in the exciting world of event planning

  • Why starting your own business (as a beginner) is a bad idea

  • Specific resources, tips and suggestions on how to find work in event