Event Planning Education

What Kind of Education Do You Need to Succeed?

For many people, the question of whether they need to go to school or university is cut and dry; either they do, or they don't.

But for many other people, the decision to invest in further event planning education isn't so clear.  Should you invest the time and money to go back to college?  Or will an online course be enough to get you started?

If you are in a position where you are willing to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go, but need help deciding what's the best path to take, then this page is for you.

Before we go any further, however, please let me emphasize one thing. The event planning industry isn't like many other industries, where your degree can make or break you. In event planning, nothing counts more than experience.  

You see, there is one thing you absolutely must understand: employers don't have the time or the resources to train you, even for an entry-level position.  

So if you've been hoping to land a job by pleading "I really, really love event planning, and I just know I'll be good at it!".... then you're never going to get a call back for an interview.  

As I explain in my downloadable eBook, Become an Event Planner: The Three Necessary Steps to Begin Your Career in Event Planning, there are three steps you simply must take in order to start your career:

  1. Learn everything you can about the industry
  2. Get experience
  3. Network like crazy

The best way to get experience as a beginner is to volunteer for events (I talk a lot more about that in the eBook as well).  However, when you volunteer, those in position of authority don't have time to train you either.  

The only way around this is to first learn everything you can about events, on your own.  

So, how do you go about learning the industry?

How Should You Learn About Event Planning?

The steps below are a good first step to help you determine whether going back to college is necessary for you, or if you can learn what you need from online courses.  However, keep in mind this is only a guideline; only you can decide what path is best for you.

Candidates for Going to College or University

You should consider taking courses or going back to school for your event planner education if you:

  • are young and have not yet finished college, or are a recent graduate and are not sure of your career path
  • have no event planning experience at all
  • are seriously considering a life-long career in event planning
  • know that you want to work as an event planner (and not just one of the many support roles in event planning)
  • think that you might want to start your own event planning company someday
  • need a structured environment in which to learn
  • have the time and money to invest   

Those for Whom College or University Might Not Be Necessary 

You might not need to get an event planning education or degree if you:

  • have already graduation from college and have been in the workforce for a few years
  • have any event planning experience 
  • only want to "dabble" in event planning to see if you like it
  • are interested in working for a DMC, a catering company, or as an on-site coordinator 
  • are not interested in starting your own business
  • have good self discipline are are a good self-taught learner
  • have no time or money to spare
  • are self-motivated and can learn by taking an online course and applying the things it teaches you