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When you first decide to become an event planner, it's natural to wonder what event planner courses you need to take.  After all, it only makes sense that in order to begin your career as an event planner, you need to learn how to plan events!

As I explain in my free four-part event planning video series, there are three basic steps you need to take in order to begin your career.  

And the first one is this:

***In order to succeed as an event planner, you need to take it upon yourself

to learn everything you can about the event planning industry***

One of the biggest mistake that beginners make when trying to break into the industry is assuming that their future employer will train them.  Most people hoping to become event planners go about the process completely backwards; they think that they need to get hired and THEN they can learn how to plan events.  They think that if they can only find a way to land that lucky entry-level position, THEN they can start learning about their chosen profession.

The truth is, employers do not have the time, money, or resources to train  you and teach what you need to know to become an event planner.  They want you to already know the basics, so that you can be an asset and not a burden when they hire you.  Even when applying for an entry-level position, they need you to understand the basics of how the industry works, how events come together, and know the complex language that is part of the event planning world. 

And if you dream of starting your own event planning business, then it is absolutely imperative that you learn everything there is to know about how to plan events, how to charge for your services, and how to find your place within the industry.  

That means that you need to take it upon yourself to learn everything you can about event planning, before you can begin your career.  

learn everything you need to know to become an event planner

After over twenty years in the event planning industry and nearly eight years of training people to become event planners, I know what it takes to succeed.  I know the exact reasons why you're not getting your foot in the door (if you're hoping to find a job) and I can teach you what you must know if you hope to open your own event planning business.   I have countless testimonials from people who have followed my advice and are now successfully working in the exciting world of events.  

If you are ready to stop wishing and start pursuing your dream career, then the following products will catapult your career and help you become an event planner more quickly than you could ever succeed if you try to do it alone.  

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