event planner courses

When you first decide to become an event planner, it's natural to wonder what event planner courses you need to take.  After all, it only makes sense that in order to begin your career as an event planner, you need to learn how to plan successful events.  

As I explain in my free four-part event planning video series, there are three basic steps you need to take in order to begin your career; and the first one is this:

***In order to succeed as an event planner, you need to take it upon yourself
to learn everything you can about event planning ***

During my twenty years in the event planning business, I've had countless people come to me in hopes of becoming an event planner; and I find that the majority of people make these very detrimental mistakes:

  • They assume there isn't much more to planning an event than picking out decor, entertainment, and food;
  • They assume that if they can land a job, their employer will teach them how to be an event planner; and
  • They assume that the most logical step is to open their own event planning business.  

learn everything you need to know to become an event planner

After over twenty years in the event planning industry and nearly eight years of training people to become event planners, I know what it takes to succeed.  I know the exact reasons why you're not getting your foot in the door (if you're hoping to find a job) and I can teach you what you must know if you hope to open your own event planning business.   I have countless testimonials from people who have followed my advice and are now successfully working in the exciting world of events.  

If you are ready to stop wishing and start pursuing your dream career, then the following products will catapult your career and help you become an event planner more quickly than you could ever succeed if you try to do it alone.  

Become an Event Planner Crash Course ~ $19  COMING SOON

This course is a good introductory course if you just want to learn the basics of event planning; or if you feel you know enough about planning and just need some general guidance.  This course is 1.5 hours and touches on all the elements needed for a successful event; as well as what it takes to start your career or your own company.  

The Planning Events Course ~ $297 

This is my main, foundational course and the one I recommend for anyone who is serious about becoming an event planner.  It is a step-by-step guide and walks you through the entire process of planning just about any event; from the initial concept through to the final billing.  This course covers the "fun" parts of event planning, like decor, working with entertainment (both local and celebrity), and the art of selecting food; while also addressing the less fun but imperative information that most people overlook, such as contracts, event insurance, licenses, and budgeting.  Click here to see a detailed outline of the Planning Events Course.  

The Complete Event Planner Course ~ $497

This is the most comprehensive course that I offer; and it contains absolutely everything that I truly believe you need in order to begin your career as a legitimate event planner.  If you want to move beyond social events, weddings and parties and instead plan special events, fundraising events, and/or corporate events, then this class will get you there.  It's the only course on the market that teaches true, legitimate fundraising, sponsorship, and corporate planning.