event planner courses

When you first decide to become an event planner, it's natural to wonder what event planner courses you need to take.  After all, it only makes sense that in order to begin your career as an event planner, you need to learn how to plan successful events.  

Intro to Event Planning ~ FREE  COMING SOON

This free, introductory course addresses all of the preliminary questions that many people have when they first start to explore event planning, including:

  • "Where do I begin?"
  • Traits of successful event planners
  • Life as an event planner
  • The five main ways in which you'll find work as a planner
  • The truth about event planning "certification"
  • The top three mistakes that 99% of beginners make
  • The three steps you must take to succeed

Event Planning Essentials ~ $27  COMING SOON

This entry-level course takes your learning to the next level, and covers all of the basic elements of event planning...including:

  • How to begin your career as an event planner, even without experience
  • How to find a job or start your own business
  • The ten basic elements necessary to plan any event

Please note that this is a basic, entry-level course.  This is perfect for those who want to plan social events or basic events.  If you're ready to learn what it takes to plan larger events, such as special events, fundraising events, or corporate events, then the Planning Events Course or the Complete Event Planner Course might be a better fit for you.  

The Planning Events Course ~ $297 

This is Eventful Ventures' main, foundational course and the one I recommend for anyone who is serious about becoming an event planner.  It is a step-by-step guide and walks you through the entire process of planning just about any event; from the initial concept through to the final billing.  This course covers the "fun" parts of event planning, like decor, working with entertainment (both local and celebrity), and the art of selecting food; while also addressing imperative information that most people overlook, such as contracts, event insurance, licenses, and budgeting. It takes these elements and delves deeper so you can truly follow this guide and plan your first event with the confidence and expertise of a pro. Click here to see a detailed outline of the Planning Events Course.  

The Complete Event Planner Course ~ $497

This is the most comprehensive course that Eventful Ventures offers; and it contains absolutely everything that I truly believe you need in order to begin your career as a legitimate event planner. This course includes the Planning Events Course plus all of my specialty courses, including: Fundraising & SponsorshipCorporate Event PlanningPricing Your Services, and more.  If you want to move beyond social events, weddings and parties and instead plan special events, fundraising events, and/or corporate events, then this class will get you there.  It's the only course on the market that teaches true, legitimate fundraising, sponsorship, and corporate planning.  Click here to read more about the Complete Event Planner Course.