Careers in Event Planning

how to Pursue Your Passion
and Live an Eventful Life

Do you dream of creating a career that is fun, dynamic, and always exhilarating? Do you envision escaping the every-day mundane boredom of an ordinary job and instead, working on events where no two days are ever the same? Do you envision living a life that you enjoy living every day, instead of waiting for the weekends or vacation or retirement before you feel like you can truly live?  Do you see yourself using your creative side to design amazing events that will be talked about for years to come?

Then you will LOVE a career in event planning!  

If you possess exceptional skills of creativity, ingenuity, organization, and vision; then you can use your inherent talent to make a difference.  Maybe that you know that you can design outstanding experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life, and you want to help others have experiences that they'll remember forever.  You crave a career where you can take pride in creating incredible moments in time by using your natural talents and interests in ways that you can't in any other profession.

And yet, you have no idea where to begin.  

How do i become an event planner?

If you are like most people who decide to start a new career; you are filled with hope. optimism, and motivation.  But, there is one major obstacle; you have no idea where to begin.  It can be incredibly frustrating to know what you want to do with your life, to know that you'd be great at it....if only you could get started!    

My goal is to help people like you learn what it takes to begin your career in event planning.  During my twenty years in the event planning industry, I have seen "event planner hopefuls" with great intentions make the same mistakes over and over again; until they give up, disillusioned and heartbroken that they couldn't make their dream come true.  So I decided to use my extensive knowledge of the industry and give back by helping people in the best way that I know how; by helping those who want to work in the exciting world of events.  

Through this site, my newsletters, and my online training videos, I will help you discover:

  • Why it's so hard to break into event planning and what to do about it
  • The exact steps you need to take in order to start your career
  • What types of certification or education you need 
  • ....and much more!

I recommend that you begin by reading some of the articles listed below.  I also offer a free four-part video series, called Three Steps to Become an Event Planner.  This series was written and designed to answer the majority of questions that people like you usually have; so please click here to receive your first free video immediately.  

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Video #1: How Do
I Get Started?

  • "Where do I begin?"
  • Understanding why all event planning is NOT the same
  • The single most common misunderstanding about event planning

  • The differences between "party" planning, wedding planning, and special event planning
  • The types of events which you will be planning

Video #2: Event Planning Jobs & Careers

  • What is a "niche" and why do you need to choose one as soon as you decide to become a planner

  • The five main ways in which you will find work as an event planner
  • Determining your career goals and what event planning means to you
  • Important factors to consider when choosing your career path

Video #3: The Top Three Mistakes that Beginners Make

  • The Top Three Mistakes 99% of beginners make that will kill your chances before you even begin

  • The simple and obvious reason you're not getting any return calls on your resume

  • The three steps you MUST take if you want to succeed in event planning

Video #4: Certification & Experience

  • The mind-blowing yet pervasive lie about "certification" and how to sift through the conflicting information about certification

  • Do you need to go back to school for an event planning degree? 

  • How to get past that "catch-22" of needing experience before you can get experience